Fangirl mode : Spring day with BTS

Assalamualaikum and hello everyone,

It's been a long time since my last post here right? I mean a proper post not the one about bloglovin' thing. Anyway, I'm having my last few days of mid semester break and I'm decided to post about Bangtan Sonyeondan aka BTS new songs released, Spring Day and Not Today. I know I'm late for a review because I'm sure everyone has watch the MVs, but who cares~ hehe

As you guys know, I'm a kpoppers and a big fans of BTS. I never missed their comeback, even when I'm at the hostel. During 'Blood, Sweat and Tears' era too, I watched their MV and fangirling alone in the dorm. T.T For this album <You Never Walk Alone> is a repackage album from <Wings> , and it included with some new songs, Spring Day, Not Today, Outro : Wings and A Supplementary Story : You Never Walk Alone.

I miss you
Wait a little bit just a few more nights
I'll be there to see you
I'll come for you

For Spring Day, I don't know how to describe my feeling over that song. Maybe they are my favorite group, that's why I'm more bias to them. I love how this group's gorgeous vocals suit a song of this tone, driving with emotional melody. The lyrics are beautiful and sweet, something that perfect to listen. I always appreciate how BTS tell us story with the lyrics and the music video itself. I love Namjoon's bogoshipda, his voice are so deep yet it makes me calm in a strange way hahahah

Their music video are very sweet and quite bright which makes the music video very beautiful to see. And they change their hair colour it's killing me. Namjoon and his violet purple colour, our Jiminnie with pink hair, Suga's blue-black hair(I'm sure it's blue-black), Hobie, Jin, Taehyung and Jungkook brown hair. They are so great in the music video and their voices are also amazing like always and I can't get boring of their songs - they are my favorite boy group for sure ^^

As usual from Big Hit, they keep making music video with hidden meaning, and let us interpret in our own. This MV too has many theories and I have read like so many theory since I need you era, so I decided not to read theory anyway more. Hahaha but if you interested with the theory, you can read it here. It is a long list of theories anyway.

Oh and according to Allkpop, the title song Spring Day has swept an all kill on music charts, charting at #1 on all 8 main real-time charts including Mnet, Melon, Soribada and more. Not only so, the other new songs Not Today, Outro : Wings and A Supplementary Story : You Never Walk Alone has all ranked high on charts. Additionally, Spring Day is now the first Kpop song to list itself in the Top 10 of the US iTunes Singles Chart. Many Kpop albums have listed on the Albums chart, but this is the first time a song has made the Singles chart. Congratulations our BTS. I'm so proud of my babies and my fandom too.

Anyway, it's my first post with all English writing. I'm so sorry about the grammar mistake, I'm not good in English. I'm learning English and will improve by times ^^


jieha nasir said…
V makin hensemmmmm omaigod ai kenod hahahaha. btw ai suka lagu spring days better than not today. hahaha sorry i'm not an army but i love their music =DD
A N I S said…
feeling habis bila nyanyi lagi ni TT_TT

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