Fangirl mode : MIC DROP (feat. Desiigner) [Steve Aoki remix]

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Finally, my favourite song from the album dah keluar pun remix version, and it is with official music video. As one of big fangirl, Adlin rasa sangat busy dengan BTS sekarang hahahah minggu lepas busy sebab AMAs, and minggu ni busy nak fangirl mic drop remix pulak. 

So, mic drop is one of the song from album track Love Yourself album, and currently my favourite jugak lah (semua dalam album tu my favourite actually hehehe). Mic drop ni macam cypher series, so lagu ni dibuat untuk haters. This time, mic drop remixed version courtesy of U.S producer Steve Aoki and collaboration with Desiigner.

Firstly, let's talk about them. As usual, they looks so good I almost cry hahaha Namjoon, Jin, Hoseok, Yoongi, Jimin, Tae and Jungkook looks so fine as usual. Maknae line almost got me heart attack. Jungkook is the golden maknae so I tak heran sangat, Taehyung with bandana wtf so handsome and Jimin why you got no chill!! His jacket got me so annoyed rasa macam nak letak baby pins biar tak tercabut. For hyung lines, Yoongi's blue hair seriously too good! Like serious good I cannot lah. And Namjoon why lah rambut you macam meggi. Serious lah pelik. Semua cakap Namjoon looks good but for me rambut dia pelik!! I'm sorry Namjoon you are still my bias after all. Jin's black hair is so good and Hoseok with red hair is bae.


Tak suka rambut meggi macam ni

Now, talking about the original song and the remix version. I love original version more than remix version. For me, remix version tu too edm style, which is tak berapa lah. Mungkin as a Malaysian, we are still not familiar with edm, or maybe Adlin je yang tak familiar dengan edm hahaha And I think it is unnecessary pun untuk tukar half of the song into English lyrics. Why not kekalkan je korean lyrics even in remix version. 

Kalau korang dengan intro and first verse in mp3 version, it is from desiigner. He raps that part. For me, Adlin tak tahu nak rasa apa. Adlin rasa pelik je. Adlin macam tak dapat tangkap tau lyric from Desiigner tu. Macam tak faham pun dia rap apa lol. Tapi untuk mp3 version tu, Namjoon part kena bahagi tiga. So Yoongi and Hoseok dapat rap in English. Which is so good to hear them rapping in English. Entah lah, I dont like their English lyrics but at the same time I love listening to their English. It's so cute hahahaha

So, conclusion from this post, I prefer original version more. And I tak suka rambut meggi Namjoon lol Walaupun Adlin tak suka remix version, tapi mic drop remix version rank no.1 in more than 50 countries  iTunes chart after releasing, which is not bad. I guess I'm the only one yang rasa macam tak kena sangat dengan remix version kot hahahaha oh and ada lagi dua version of mic drop untuk bulan December which are mic drop Japanese version (along with DNA Japanese version, and new song for Christmas, Crystal snow) and mic drop dance version. We'll see which one is the best for mic drop.

Mic drop

Mic drop [Steve Aoki remix] MV

Mic drop (feat Desiigner) [Steve Aoki remix]


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