EatLynn: Trying Korean Food at K-Fry Urban IOI Mall City

Assalamualaikum and hello earthling!

Happy November everyone. I'm now back at the university after having my mid semester break. A week surely are not enough for everyone, but at least I can go back home makes me happy. Now, it is time to keep back on track and focus more for my first semester.

Bila cuti ni yang paling menarik bila dapat keluar makan dengan kawan. I miss Arfah a lot when I'm in Sarawak, so it is nice to meet her. Both of us memang minat kpop sangat, dan memang kami berdua sangat suka makanan Korea, jadi bila nak ajak dia makan makanan Korea tak jadi masalah pun.

In this post, I want to share my experience trying new Korean restaurant at IOI City Mall, which is K-Fry Urban. K-Fry (slang for Korean Fried Chicken) recreates Korean style restaurant which serve Korean food with a wholesome and modern twist. This is their third branch as the first restaurant is at Johor Bahru and the other is at Batu Pahat, Johor.

This is not my first time eating Korean food. There are a lot of Korean restaurant in IOI City Mall and I usually ate at Hanbing Korean Dessert Cafe for Korean food. Hanbing cafe is nice and cozy, and its bingsu is the best. But, since K-Fry Urban is the new restaurant, why can't we give a try, right?

My biggest mistake that day was I'm totally forgot to take picture of interior restaurant. I'm too hungry and we really can't focus. The restaurant are divided into indoor and outdoor space, but it is still a bit crowded. The interior is so gorgeous. Both of us get super excited sebab diorang pasang kpop MV and it's so high definition. I really want to show the interior here. I promise I'm going to take a lot of pictures next time.

There are varieties choice of foods you will get here. From bibimbap (mixed rice), chicken wings, krispy chicks, soup, myeon (noodle) to bingsu (shaved ice). There are a lot of thing you can order here.

Even there is only 2 of us, but we ordered a lot HAHAHA we ordered Honey Mustard Cheesy Fried Chicken Bumbuk, Anchovies and Tuna Bibimbap, Seafood K Spicy Noodle and mango juice - and all this cost us about RM100+ (I don't remember the exact amount).

The portion is really generous. Even we shared everything together, we still need to tapau some chicken because we are really full.

Honey mustard cheesy fried chicken bumbuk

The staff will separated fries, chicken and cheesy. Then, they'll melt the cheesy, mix it up and then coat the chicken with the melted cheese. It taste soooooo goood! I love how the chicken is chewy and cheesy really makes food become more delicious. How many stars I'm going to put for this? About 4/5 stars. It's nice, but, after a while, I started to muak with the cheese. Nampak sangat tekak jawa tu. 

Anchovies and Tuna bibimbap

This one is the best bibimbap I ever eat!! It has fried anchovies, tuna in mayonnaise, kimgaru (Korean seaweed), Tobiko (flying fish roe), Korean short grain rice mixed with Korean black sweet rice (Heukmi chapsal). Seriously, this one is so goooddd! If you guys are planning to try K-Fry Urban, I recommended to try this bibimbap. I would give 4.5/5 stars. 

The staff will asked if you need help to mixed the rice together. Kalau kita gaul nasi tu sendiri, boleh buat video hahaha

Seafood K Spicy Noodle

This one is nice too, but for me it's a little spicy and salty. But, it is completely different with Arfah's opinion. She said that the soup was bland, there is not spicy or salty taste. Hmm siapa yang ada masalah dengan deria rasa sekarang ni? This one is 3/5 stars from me. 

Somehow, I think samyang are better than this noodle. 


I think the foods are really good here. The portion are generous and we ate a lot that day. If I ever come here again, I want to try their spicy chicken, UFO Kimchi Bokkeumbap and their bingsu. We should try the bingsu~ You can refer to K-Fry Urban official website or K-Fry Urban facebook page for more information about the restaurant.

Lepas makan dekat K-Fry Urban, kami berdua berjalan sampai ke Petaling Jaya untuk cuba Softsrve Ice cream and Dessert bar. I'll try to update the review of softsrve as soon as possible. See you guys in the next post!


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