I am suffering with insomnia!!

Assalamualaikum and Hello earthling,

Lets appreciate the beauty of BTS first!

I am back everyone. Currently waiting for my flight alone at Kuching International Airport. My flight being delay for an hour. So, sementara tunggu tu, kita boleh update blog.

Someone help me! I seriously need some help. Lately (no.. not lately) I have been suffering for insomnia and it is getting bad each day. Adlin dah stay up for more than 36 hours now, and I am still not sleepy. Untuk hari-hari biasa pula, Adlin tidur around 1 am and wake up around 5.30 am. Even Adlin paksa diri Adlin untuk tidur, I end up pandang dinding and syiling lama-lama. 

Its kill me everyone. Otak Adlin sakit sangat sebab tak cukup tidur and my cognition become worst. I started having difficulties to concentrate about my surrounding. Panggil nama orang pun asyik salah je.

Adlin tried some tips from the internet but still the same. Antara tips yang Adlin try: 

1) Dont play with phone one hour before sleep. 
- Actually turn of all screens one hour before sleep. Laptop and phone especially. Adlin tutup data waktu malam supaya tak terganggu. 

2) Avoid naps.
- This one is hard. Since I am very tired despite not sleeping well at night, I tried my best for not napping in the day but failed!

3) Avoid caffeine.
- No, I dont drink coffee, tea or any soft drinks with caffeine. My skin is not cooperation well with the caffeine. 

4) Do not stress or over think.
- I tried okay. I forgot all my assignments (not all, I still doing my assignment. Adlin tak suka bertangguh) but still tak boletidur. 

What should I do everyone. Should I meet any doctor for the treatment or not. Please help me! 


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